Liberty Bell

A Short History Of Slot Machines

Slots are probably the easiest and most convenient and hassle-free gambling and casino games avenue. All that you do is spin the reels and bounce back to check on your chances. No player has any control over the combinations to expect and is clueless over their chances of the jackpot showing up or not.

Legal slots mention that the term slots was in use for a long time. However, after the 19th century, it was used for gambling devices. The British use the term “fruit machine” for a slot machine. UK casino lovers love their slot machines, and the game too. Another term for it is a one-armed bandit.

Charles Fey & Liberty Bell

The world’s first mechanical slot machine was called Liberty Bell. It was discovered in 1895 by Charles Fey, an auto mechanic from San Francisco. This slot machine contained three spinning reels. Each of the reels had a diamond, spade, and heart symbols painted on them. If a spin resulted in 3 liberty bells in a row, it amounted to the biggest playoff, fifty cents in monetary terms.

You can still find the original version of the Liberty Bell slot machine installed at the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant in Nevada. Some of the other machines by Charles Fey Charles include the Draw Power, the Three Spindle and the Klondike. In 1901, It was Charles Fey again, who invented the first Poker machine..

Charles Fey was a prolific inventor, and he is also credited with inventing the trade check separator, which was used in the Liberty Bell. Due to a hole in the centre of the trade check, it is possible With the hole in the centre of the trade check it is possible to detect pins to differentiate fake nickels or slugs from genuine nickels. Charles Fey made money from his machines by renting them to saloons and bars based on a 50/50 split of the profits.

More demand  for Slot Machines

There was a large demand for Liberty Bell slot machines, which Fey, with his limited production of a slot machine, could not meet. Fey could not develop them fast in his small shop. Despite offers from manufacturers of gambling equipment suppliers, Charles Fey did not agree to sell the manufacturing rights.

Consequently, in 1907, Herbert Mills, a Chicago manufacturer of arcade machines, started producing a slot machine, a replica of Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell. This was named Operator Bell. It was Mills who first placed fruit symbols, lemons, plums, and cherries on machines.

How The Original Slots Worked

Let us now have a look at how the best online slots review worked. Each cast iron slot machine had 3 metal hoops called reels. On each reel were painted 10 symbols. When a lever was pulled, the three reels spun into motion. Inside every cast iron slot machine there were 3 metal hoops which were known as reels. Whenever the reel stops, a jackpot was awarded if three of a kind of symbol lined up.

Age of Electronics

The world’s first popular electronic gambling machine was the 1934 animated horse, christened “Paces Races”. The year 1964 saw the unveiling of the first electronic slot machine, built by a company called Nevada Electronic.

It was called the “21” machine. Soon, other all electronic versions of gambling games followed including ones for dice, roulette, horse racing, and poker. In 1975, Fortune Coin Company built the first-ever electronic slot machine.


Given the interesting and exciting history of slot machines, it is natural to feel a little upset. This is some way where we found the change in slot machines over the years, especially with the advent of the online casino industry and casino lovers playing casino games. Yet, we could say that the legacy of slot machines still lingers on.