The secret diary of a debt collector

A Sign O’ The Times

Travelling through mid-Norfolk, hopelessly lost.

It’s a warm, sunny day out in the countryside for me so for a while I wasn’t too bothered.

After an hour or so of trying to find this village that’s on every signpost I was no longer enjoying things as much.

No signs of life, no people to ask. Not even a rambler!

Finally found a farm and pulled in.

Met the farmer, who seemed so delighted to meet someone he wasn’t related to I felt guilty for just wanting directions.

I asked for the village anyway.

“That’s not a village, it’s a parish” came the amused reply.

But it’s on every signpost around here”I explained.

“Ooooarrrrr”, the farmer’s laughing at me by now, “Well if you’re going to go ’round believing signposts then you’re bound to get lost”
Gave up on the visit . . .

from: The world’s worst debt collector