On Monday 3rd March 2014, Instructors from Beccles Taekwondo Club are off to deliver Taekwondo in 2 x 1 hour fun sessions to pupils at the St Michael’s Primary School in Gillingham.

They will deliver a format that was very successful when doing fun sessions at Beccles Sports Hall last summer.

And will be taking ‘BOB’ along for the children to try out their new skills at the end of the sessions.

The sessions will be based around the following:

* Read out the Oath and Tenets of Taekwon-do
* 5/10 Fun Warm-up (while talking about Taekwon-do)
including star jumps and spotty dogs (jumping/punching lunges)
light stretching
* Show how to make a correct fist 
sitting stance middle section punches with kiah (shouting)
* Show walking stance
line work going back and forth in walking stance 
then front snap kicks
then front snap kicks and middle section punches (Kiahing)
* We demonstrate and talk about patterns that are used in our belt gradings
* Students to pair up by size ready for bag work
front snap kick
turning kick
combination of kicks and punches
* Tag sparring
This is where you pair up and touch each other on the back to score a point
We emphasise touch and not punch!!
This is to get students to move around in a natural way in preparation to real sparring
* We will show what a real spar would look like and talk about how our sport is semi contact not full contact.
* We will also demonstrate breaking techniques using plastic breaking boards
* Introduce BOB (Body Opponent Bag)
Allow students to punch and kick one at a time in a revolving circle
From experience children really love to have a go with BOB
* Warm down and give out leaflets and sticky badges to say they have done Taekwon-do

If you would like to come and try Taekwondo at Beccles Sports Hall on Monday and Thursday evenings 7pm to 8.30pm, the 1st session if FREE! – so just turn up in joggers and a t-shirt, and bring a drink!



Always wanted to learn a martial art?
It’s never too late… Come and Try Taekwon-do at Beccles Taekwon-do Club
and bring the children, we will teach you all at the same time!!