Best Slot Games Released By Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil has become one of the most famous online slot developers in recent years. Known for their incredibly sharp graphics and insanely good use of technology to support game features, it’s little surprise that fans all over the world prefer Yggdrasil. Relatively new on the creator scene, Yggdrasil have continuously focused on releasing games at Daisy Slots that are fresh and modern. You won’t find any slots of theirs that are out-dated, boring or lack in any excitement. In the last year, they have produced on average at least two a month, steadily supplying slot players everywhere with their latest fix. With so much choice then, it can be hard to whittle things down. So keep reading and find out the 2 best slot games released by Yggdrasil.

Cyrus the Virus

This online slot theme revolves around one of the most strangest themes we’ve ever seen in the online casino world. Players are transported into the online world and find themselves killing horrid computer viruses whilst spinning some magic reels and waiting for a winning combination.  The game has all the usual features but we strongly urge this game for those who appreciate high variance style slots and also has a bankroll to match. Squashing a particular symbol that takes form as a multi-coloured germ earns players a very cool 2,000 the stake placed. If you’re not so much of a big spender but still want to enjoy the novelty of destroying every technical super bug then fear not. Stakes can be placed as little as 0.01 coins, meaning the game is still perfect for absolutely everyone.

Sunny Shores

Not prepared to wait out for the bigger wins and want something a little more relaxing? Fly away with sunny shores and play a calm low variance slot game that ensures frequent rewards, no matter the weather. Set on a classic 5×5 grid, there are 27 paylines for players to achieve a winning combination on. All symbols follow the tropical theme and help to make you feel like you’re on holiday even on the greyest od days. This game has managed to claim a place on this lest for two reasons. Firstly, players don’t even need to pay to have taste of this paradise. Instead, anyone can decide to play a few free games first in order to get the real hang of things or just to have excitement without the expense. All player budgets are catered for, with the betting limits ranging from a 0.10 credit minimum and increasing to a maximum 125. The low volatility of this game also guarantees that with just a short amount of spinning, anyone can quickly win.

As with any slot game, it’s important to remember to bet sensibly. Slots are a fantastic way to pass the time and so punters can often lose track of time. However this is the quickest way for things to go downhill and ruin the experience of online casino. So remember to set a budget and stick to it; then have you’re ready, set, match, Yggdrasil!