Black Shuck – The Musical

Black Shuck – The Musical is to be staged in the open air at Halesworth Millennium Green.

The Cut’s artistic director and playwright James Holloway whose satirical and controversial play Accidental Death of a Terrorist, dubbed by Edinburgh Fringe review paper Three weeks ‘highly dramatic and intellectual’, has turned his attention to the legendary monster dog, Black Shuck.

Holloway aims to build a replica sailing wherry in the New Reach Canal. The wherry will serve as the stage and also act as a physical reminder of the wherries that sailed from Southwold bringing coal, foreign wines, lime and soft wood timber from the Baltic to Halesworth and returning with malt for the London breweries.

Commissioned by the trustees of the Green to highlight this unique beautiful environment, the River Blyth and the canal that runs through it, Holloway’s play was prompted by the stories of smugglers that the region is justly famous for.

“Writing the first scene I suddenly heard this dog howling in my head,” says Holloway, “and the black dog suddenly fell into place. As a matter of fact I’ve scared my own children and their friends making up stories about Black Shuck and you wouldn’t get me walking the banks of the river alone at night. Far too scary.”

With original music by composer Michael Peck and choreography by Caroline Mummery the play features dragoons, smugglers, comedy and romance.

“I’ve got some highly skilled actors to work with,” Holloway says, “and it’s great fun. I’m also delighted that we are part of the Waveney Revels arts month and I am amazed at how much interest the project has already provoked. So book your tickets, bring a picnic and keep looking over your shoulder to see what might be behind you.”

Black Shuck performance dates are:

April 25-26 & May 4-5 7.30

Tickets from The Cut Halesworth.

Box office 0845 673585

Info hotline 01728638585