Characteristics of Money

Characteristics of Money

Money, like a human being, has certain characteristics that make it money. It’s like how online casino games have certain things that make them casino uk games. Such that without these traits, they can’t be as deemed as such. The same is true for money. It has certain attributes that make it money. And today we look at some of the things that make money, money.


What Makes Money Money?


One of the main characteristics of money is that it is durable. It can and should be able to be used over and over again. Therefore, it means that it needs to be able to survive wear and tear for a long period of time.


Money also needs to be portable.  You need to be able to travel from point A to point B with your money being undetected. This is why we bank cards and why we use e-wallets and pay by phone methods. Because money needs to be portable.


Another trait of money is that it needs to be divisible. One needs to be able to part or to split that money in order to buy and use it for different things. Like when you are making your budget, and you split your funds for home and others for online betting au games and other recreational activities.


In a nation, money needs to be uniform. It all needs to look the same. Meaning that it should all be standard. We can’t have a situation whereby we have 5 different types of $1 bills all being at the same time. The only thing that needs to be different in the bills or in the money that we use is the serial numbers.

Limited Supply

Not everyone can have money, but that does mean that people should be in dire need of money either. Money needs to be limited. Such that one can use and it finishes and they can get more and use it again. The circle is like that. That is why money will never be enough. Even the richest of the richest in the world make sure that they always make more and more money.