Secret Confessions?
In the 1960s my friend Charlie and I lived and played in Bungay.

One Hot Summer, Bungay was invaded by a sect of Hells Angels, loads of them, great big hairy guys on roaring loud motorbikes. They toured up and down the streets, some set up camp at the castle hills.

Bungay Hells Angels

They stayed for a couple of days, but nobody dared to ask them to leave, not even the local police . . . all both of them . . . would not try to persuade them to leave! No, not even an offer to go to Beccles, as Beccles had a Woolworths, would not have enticed these Angels from Hell to leave Bungay Town.

We were very young, and easily influenced, and thought these guys were great, they looked filthy, obviously didn’t need to wash, and seemed to be able to do whatever they liked . . . just like extra big kids really!

Bungay Suffolk

There were all sorts of rumours and stories of what they were up to, and who they upset in the town, and the one we heard was that they helped themselves to all the milk bottles from off the door steps in the town. Quite an outrage!

free milk

. . . Only thing was, we knew two other, much smaller Angels, who took advantage of this situation, and who also enjoyed a bottle of FREE MILK that morning!

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