A crested bearded bantam which was dumped with 2 others. They were terrified. This was very cruel because they can’t see very well to the side or above due to feathers over the eyes! Two disappeared without trace before I could get back down there the other was huddled in the nettles. As you can see he has now settled in happily in my vegetable patch and I bought a hen of the same breed to keep him happy!

This is Lewis who used to live happily at the roundabout and followed Gordon around. One day Gordon found him unable to stand and with a with a badly injured leg. There were no other injuries so it could not have been a car! He has now fully recovered and living happily with his hens.

This bantam is one of four dumped in the freezing cold weather when we had deep snow on the ground!! They had short feathery legs so were unable to get up off the ground very well to safety. They had obviously not been used to living without shelter! When I arrived they were huddled together on the ground. One underneath had already died! One was unable to walk and had an injured leg. The other two were frozen but still alive! How can people be so cruel and thoughtless! This is the one with the injured leg and he is now fine, the other two also recovered and went to Little Hen Rescue for re homing to responsible people!


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