Christmas Art Club Exhibition
12th & 13th December 2009

This weekend we are celebrating the end of term with our annual winter exhibition at St Mary’s Church in Surlingham.

This is a chance to show all the terms work which has centred on the theme of ‘colour.’ Very colourful it is too which is refreshing as the daylight dwindles so much at this time of year.

All three Art Clubs have come together – Alpington, Rockland St Mary and Surlingham to show examples of their work including these beautiful paper pots.

The exhibition features work in fabric collage, paper mache, painting and printing.

If you want to be inspired by the creativity of children’s art then please support the show.

You can visit this weekend between 9.30 and 3.30pm but please remember Sunday service at 11 am.

If you miss the show you will be able to see examples from it on the blog or the web site