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Countries where the casino industry is on the rise 

The world has changed a hell of a lot in the two decades since the turn of the millennium and century, with the 21st Century bringing in an unprecedented amount of changes to the way we live our lives. Seriously, with things like the Internet and mobile phones human life has changed completely, paving the way for many new possibilities. 

One of these is online casinos like King Casino, something that has completely revolutionised the overall casino industry, leading to profound and sustained growth over the last two decades. This fact has meant that certain countries where the casino industry took a backseat have experienced a gambling boom over the last few years. Let’s explore a few of them, shall we? 


It was only recently that online gambling was legalised in Singapore, and as you might imagine this has led to a dramatic increase in gambling there. In fact, Singapore spends the second most amount of money per head on gambling in the world at the moment, testimony to how quickly the practise has caught on in the affluent Asian country. 

As the population gets more and more enthralled by things like online slots we expect new developers to pop up in Singapore, something that will only propel the country’s casino industry further forwards. 


Singapore spends the second most amount of money per head on gambling in the world, and it is Australia that takes the top spot, with the gambling spend averaging at over $1000 per person per year. As you might imagine this has led to an incredibly healthy casino industry in the country, one that continues to grow each and every year. 

And anyway, Australia is the home of Eyecon, one of the world’s most successful online slot devleopers, so is it even a surprise? With the creators of games like Fluffy Favourites calling your country home it would be hard not to gamble on the online slots, would it not? 


Malta is a tiny little island country, yet it spends one of the largest amounts on gambling every year. Of course, whilst it is a small place, Malta is incredibly affluent, so it should be no surprise that its gambling spend continues to rise year on year. 

This is fantastic news for online casino developers in particular, and it is also a huge factor in the dominance of Microgaming – a Maltese company – over the years. To top things off Malta regularly hosts a variety of different casino industry awards, proof that the casino market is undeniably on the rise here. 


China’s relationship with the Internet is rather tricky, mainly because of their love of censorship, however in recent years these regulations have been relaxed slightly, paving the way for the casino industry to expand in this gargantuan Asian country. The province of Macau has been a gambling hot spot for quite some time, however it seems as though the mainland is now cottoning onto the money that can be made too.