Cromer Carnival 2020

The Cromer Voluntary Entertainments Organisation has, after much discussion, decided to cancel Cromer Carnival 2020 in light of the current coronavirus pandemic.

Planning the carnival is a twelve month operation and booking and signing contracts for the various top class acts and events is a large financial commitment, which the committee would lose if they hung on in the hope that the carnival would go ahead in August, only to find that the public were still restricted in travelling and coming together in large crowds.

Financial outlay before Cromer Carnival is around £20,000 and would be greater the nearer we get to August. If we leave cancelling acts and hired equipment, such as marquees and toilets, until the last minute much of that money would be lost. Cancelling now means losing the minimum amount rather than all of it.

Cromer Voluntary Entertainments Organisation Ltd. and the residents of Cromer are all proud of what we have achieved over the past 50 years and would want it to continue in the future. To do this we have to seriously consider our financial position as well as all the moral and social implications.

The Carnival relies on local businesses from whom we get most of our financial support through sponsorship and advertising. We would not expect them to be in the position to support us this year. We have to face the fact that most of the businesses who are supporting us are also finding it difficult at the moment. Cromer Carnival is in the privileged position of being trusted by the people of Cromer to spend, what is essentially

public money, wisely. We have to try and safeguard our future and that means cutting our financial losses and cancelling now. In addition to this there are those stalls and organisations who support us during carnival week.

This has been a difficult decision to make and my committee are well aware of the implications of it. This will be the first time that anyone under 50 years old, living in Cromer, has not had a carnival in August.

Our main concern at the moment is making sure that you are all keeping safe and well and that we will be able to continue in 2021. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and if at all possible provide a carnival celebration when this is all over.

To all in Cromer and beyond we look forward to your continued support and meeting up with old friends in 2021.

Tony Shipp MBE Chairman Cromer Carnival