Spanish wine has a rich history dating back to Roman times. Beautiful nature, delicious cuisine, and world-famous wine make Spain one of the top destinations for travelers
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Discovering Spain: Day Trips for wine-loving Couples

Rich history, beautiful nature, delicious cuisine, and world-famous wine make Spain one of the top destinations for travelers. This is a country where you can admire the magnificent art, and enjoy its beautiful landscapes under the Spanish searing sun. If you happen to be visiting Spain as a couple who loves wine, the country has a lot to offer. Here, we share with you the best day trips in Spain full of natural beauty, a romantic atmosphere, and delicious wine.

Spanish wine has a rich history dating back to Roman times, and the country is home to over 60 wine regions, each with its own distinct style and varietals. Spain is known for famous regions with top red wines, particularly those made from the Tempranillo grape, which is grown in regions such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Toro. Other notable red grapes include Garnacha (Grenache), Monastrell (Mourvèdre), and Cariñena (Carignan). Spain also produces a range of white wines, such as Albariño from the Galicia region and Verdejo from Rueda. Sherry, a fortified wine, is another well-known Spanish wine, produced in the Andalusia region.


You can start your trip from Northern Spain from the destination which needs no introduction: Rioja. Famous for producing world-class wine, the wine region is internationally acclaimed by critics and lovers of wine. Rich in natural beauty, it’s the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Here you can enjoy mountains, vineyards, and beautiful rivers, in wonderful cities like Haro, Logroño, Laguardia, and Elciego. For those who are looking for a trip to the best wine region of the country, Rioja is the answer. Refined wines made of Tempranillo, like La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2011 or La Rioja Alta Torre de Ona Martelo Rioja Reserva 2016 will make you feel even more welcome in the lovely and hospitable Rioja region.

Galicia – Rias-Baixas

Another important wine region of Spain is Galicia, where you will have an unforgettable day trip full of cultural experiences and delicious wine. Covered by the Atlantic Ocean on both sides, Galicia dates its history of making wine back to the Medieval Ages. This is the ideal Spanish region to visit if you prefer drinking white wine. With its magnificent beauty and beautiful architecture the region will exceed your expectations. Rias Baixa is the most famous sub-region in Galicia, which is famous for its Albariño grape, producing fruity and mineral wines. There you can enjoy Bodegas Forjas del Salnes Leirana Albarino 2021, or Lagar de Cervera Albarino 2021 which pair perfectly with seafood. Luckily Galicia is wildly famous for its top-quality seafood that you can try with the wine. When visiting Galicia, make sure to check out the unforgettably beautiful beaches of Santiago de Compostela, Cambados and Castro de Baroña.

Ribera del Duero

If you are starting your wine tour from Madrid, you should certainly visit Ribera del Duero, which is only two hours ride away from the capital. Wines produced in  Ribera del Duero are getting more and more recognition every day. They are made of the Tinta del País grape which produces wine that is an honorable competitor of its neighboring Rioja region. Delicious wines like Garmon Ribera del Duero 2019 can be paired with the local dish,  Lechazo asado.

Ribera del Duero has it all that makes a perfect day trip for wine lovers and also offers beautiful destinations.  Peñafiel Castle, with its breathtaking views over the Ribera, and its Wine Museum are must-sees. To make your day trip even more memorable with your significant other, you can visit  Ribera del Duero during the harvest season in September, and enjoy a wine tour of a lifetime.


With its rich cultural heritage that combines Jewish, Muslim, and Christian traditions, southwest Spain has a lot to offer. Andalucia is one of the culturally richest regions in Spain, where you can discover the beautiful history, traditions, and art of the country. It’s the perfect place for a day trip with your loved one. Starting from the beautiful, UNESCO World Heritage Site Granada to the pristine beaches of Marbella, Andalusia is a magical place with a unique fusion of cultures. For wine lovers, it’s one big adventure, where you can enjoy an unforgettable taste of wines made of Muscat grapes.

Canary Islands 

Last but not least, you must visit the Canary Islands to discover another beautiful side of Spain, full of sunshine, natural beauty, and delicious wine. With the first observation, the Canary Islands’  environment isn’t very suitable for producing wine. Because of the hot, humid climate, rocky soil, and strong ocean breezes, it seems nearly unthinkable that the region could potentially produce fine wines. In spite of this, the Canary Islands create one of the most spectacular wines in Spain, and not only. Tenerife, which is home to the biggest vineyards in the region, is a volcanic area. You’ll be astonished to learn that the ashy soil on the Canary Islands can produce such an exquisite wine.

There is a lot to see in the Canary Islands during your day trip. Make sure to visit Tías for its beautiful villages built on volcanic landscapes, and La Palma for its magnificent wildlife, A World Biosphere Reserve, and beach adventures.

Apart from the cultural and historical adventure, Spain will share with you one of the most incredible wines in the world. It’s always worth visiting, and especially such a romantic destination can only be made better with your loved one!