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Emerging UK Sports Betting Markets

With a rich history and tradition of sport and sports betting, few countries can compete with the UK when it comes to sporting variety.

From established sports such as cricket, football, and rugby through to more niche offerings such as curling and trotting, the UK’s rich history as a nation enables sport to become very much part of their national identity.

As a result, the sheer number of sports UK betting fans can access helps punters in a multitude of ways. Having more markets to access means people can work within their interest groups to find the perfect bet for them.

However, more markets can also create confusion for punters – with rookie punters especially guilty of not investing their money in the right way.

There are plenty of emerging UK sports betting markets punters can access however and finding the right one for you can yield significant returns.

Look Out for the Bookmaker Offers

A sure-fire way of seeing an instant return on an investment is to utilise the bookmaker offers on the market.

Every UK bookmaker is battling it out for trade, and they look to entice new players through a range of offers and promotion.

With such variety within the UK betting marketplace, most offers can be used on pretty much any sport – an absolute godsend for players with more niche betting interests.

Each bookmaker is different in how they go about giving an offer to a player, with some sportsbooks giving new players free bet tokens to use once they sign up for an account.

Other companies offer a money back guarantee on a first bet if it loses, AKA no risk bet.

Regardless of which option you punt for, always be sure to study the associated terms and conditions when using an offer provided by a bookmaker to ensure it works for you.

Read on for a guide to the emerging sports betting markets in the UK:

Esports Betting

As a sport, Esports is certainly not a new vocation, with competitive gaming having been part of the British sporting landscape for at least a decade.

The idea that punters would bet on Esports however has boomed in 2020, with the impact of COVID 19 seemingly changing the way in which sport is consumed.

With all of the biggest Esports tournaments and fixtures live streamed through social media, fans can easily get access to all of the action and betting on it is yet another way for fans to get involved.

Most sportsbooks in the UK have cottoned on to the trend in Esports betting and with excellent odds offered on most competitions, Esports betting has become one of the biggest UK markets.

Darts Betting

Very few sports have enjoyed the boom in popularity darts has been subjected to in recent years, with the British public seemingly becoming infatuated by the ‘arrows’.

Prior to COVID 19, darts was played in front of packed crowds at huge arenas and whilst the fans are currently away from the stadia – the appeal of the sport is as strong as ever.

Central to its appeal as a betting sport is the quick fire nature of the game and the unique scoring system that is as suited to in-play betting as it is to ante-post punting.

The PDC calendar is packed all year round, giving punters plenty of opportunity to win big through darts betting.

T20 Cricket Betting

Traditionally, cricket betting wasn’t top of the agenda for punters – with the length of each match being a key deterrent for players, as results could take as many as 5 days to come in.

T20 cricket has boomed the world over and, in the UK, it is box office stuff.  Bets can be placed on a range of markets and with each game only lasting around 3 hours, punters can often see an instant reward.