Slot Game Cheaters

Famous Slot Game Cheaters

Having the pride of winning and having your name posted on an online casino webpage, is a great pleasure. However, there are some people with opposite purposes who cheat the slots and regularly receive some hefty benefits, particularly in the realm of betting – play now. Presently, the majority of these casino cheaters fall into major problems when they have carried off the money. Surely, a decent cheater wouldn’t tell anybody it was them, or they would be caught. Regardless, there have been a few figures throughout the long term that have gotten renowned for their casino conning capacity.

TV Repairman Tommy Glenn Carmichael

This man has utilized his occupation as a TV repairman to a great extent that you can’t believe. For him, it was easy to rig any kind of slot to cheat and win an extensive measure of money all the while. Mr. Carmichael obtained over 1,000,000 dollars in the forty years that he worked in.

By the 1990s Tommy Glenn Carmichael was working with a colossal degree of reputation, and this finished with his imprisonment in 1996. Even though he was detained and released a few times before this; however, 1996 was the last sentence for him.

Uncatchable Cheater Richard Marcus

Incredibly this man never really got arrested, even after rigging a few Las Vegas gambling casinos out of millions of dollars on numerous events. Rather than Tommy Glenn Carmichael, Richard Marcus didn’t have expertise in only one type of betting game. He created different kinds of strategies to think of all ways of cheats at different games.

On Roulette, for example, he was acclaimed for his capacity to win $500,000 in one spin or just lose $5 by rapidly replacing his chips as the ball spun around the wheel. While he was captured a few times, there wasn’t sufficient proof to arrest him. However, he has been boycotted from all Nevada gambling casinos.

Expert Gambler Dominic LoRiggio

Dominic LoRiggio is no gambling casino cheat, even though casinos still get pretty uncertain whenever he steps on the floor. That is because he has aced the craft of tossing dice during the game of craps. After practices of several years, LoRiggio inevitably got expert enough to win a ton of cash on craps tables across Nevada.

Tossing a couple of dice and knowing precisely what numbers they will arrive on is unquestionably not something that is done softly. You need to toss the dice with the specific measure of intensity and ensure they have been grasped effectively as well. “The Golden Arm” Dominic LoRiggio aced this craftsmanship, for that it isn’t cheating. But many still doubt that as well as the casino authorities.

Slot Coin Cheater Louis B. Colavecchio

Louis B. Colavecchio, also known as “The Coin” said he could reproduce anything made out of valuable metals including slot coins. Louis, alongside his fellow con-artists, took slot coins and made molds repeating the first. From that point, they delivered the coins and traded them in Atlantic City and Connecticut casinos in a big amount. It is assessed that Colavecchio cheated up to $500,000 from casinos. He was caught and arrested when the casino saw an overflow of coins on the floor. This cost him seven years of his life which he spent in a government state jail. Even after getting released in 2006, he again started to do his old business to cheat the casino slots. The FBI apprehended him after 1 month of his release along with evidence. Louis’ duplicating profession was broadcasted on the History Channel’s show “Breaking Vegas”.

Programmer Ronald Dale Harris

Slot machine cheater, Ronald Harris used to work for the Nevada Gaming Control Board. He was a software programmer whose duty was to find the errors of modern online slots. Harris utilized his aptitude in programming to hacking certain slots to get the information and know the pattern. He figured out the process in almost 2 years and afterward rigged the RNG on Keno games. Harris won the jackpot of $100,000 winning and his success caused doubt to the slot authority. He was inevitably captured and condemned to seven years in jail. Yet, he was released after serving two years for his good consent.

The Modern Slot Cheater Dennis Nikrasch

Dennis Nikrasch is well known for changing the old techniques of cheating the slot machines by his unbelievable tactics. He figured this out by analyzing the flaws of certain slots and afterward tricked them by re-programming those defective slot machines. This was done by displacing the chips to the biggest pay-out machines in the most notable gambling casinos of the world. Just by exchanging a couple of chips he had modified, he made million dollars in a short time and even employed a group of specialists to assist him with cheating with re-customized chips.