Susie’s Favourite Recipes

Gingerbread bites

Gingerbread Bites

100 g (4 oz) Butter
350 g (12 oz) Castor Sugar
1 egg, beaten
250 g (9 oz) Self-Raising Flour
5 ml (1 level tsp) Ground Ginger
Lightly greased tray

* Pre-heat oven to 150 C, 300 F, Gas Mark 2.

* Whisk the butter and sugar together until mixture is pale and fluffy.

* Beat in the egg, a little at a time.

* Sift the flour and ginger into the mixture.

* Work in with a fork until you have a fairly firm dough.

* Roll the dough into small balls and put them on the tray.

* Bake for 40-45 minutes until crisp, well risen, hollow and golden.

* I sometimes add a few chocolate drops to the mixture.

* Enjoy them when they are still warm.


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