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Group of Local Artists Take over Britten Centre in Lowestoft Town Centre

An exciting new art exhibition opens shortly in Lowestoft, as a group of local artists take over an empty retail unit in the Britten Centre in the middle of the town for six weeks in April.

The exhibition opens in Unit 22 and will feature work by members of local visual arts group Easterly Artists, all of whom live or work in Lowestoft and the surrounding area. It will cover a wide range of media and disciplines, including painting, print-making, collography, screen-printing, artistic wood-turning, ceramics, magical realism and sculptural assemblages using found objects,Easterly Artists Co-ordinator Miles Barry commented: “This is an excellent opportunity for the people of Lowestoft to view pieces by well-established and internationally recognised artists alongside work by new and upcoming members. All the exhibitors are local to Lowestoft or nearby, so it’s a great chance to showcase some of the extraordinary skill and talent we have in the town to a wider audience”.

Dan Poitras, Britten Centre Manager and Chairman of Lowestoft Vision, added: “It is a pleasure to welcome this new venture by Easterly Artists into the Britten Centre. This is part of a long-term project to revitalise the high street and, as such, it will bring new life and energy to Lowestoft and give visitors another compelling reason to visit the town centre.”

The exhibition will be open to the public Thursday to Saturday, 11am-4pm, for six weeks from 18 April to 30 May. Entry is free of charge. For more information, please check the Easterly Artists website at www.easterly.org.uk. Visitors can also follow Easterly Artists on Facebook and Instagram.

Unit 22 can be found immediately on visitors’ left, as they exit the Britten Centre underground car park on their way to Lowestoft High Street. Alternatively, park in Clapham Road car park: Unit 22 is on the right, past Lowestoft Library.

12 Easterly Artists members are participating in the exhibition:

Angelique Fraser-Mackenzie – Abstract artist (Henham)

Darren Breeze – Artistic wood turner (Lowestoft)

Fiona Shreeve – Sculptural ceramics (Somerleyton)

Hilary Barry – Oil paintings: landscape and portraits (Kessingland)

Hugh Davies – Print-maker (Lowestoft)

Lisa Hurcum – Print-maker (Lowestoft)

Mark Burrell – Magical Realism paintings (Lowestoft)

Miriam King – Painter (Lowestoft)

Neil Whitehead  – Screen-printing and painting (Halesworth)

Ni Gooding – Screen-printing and painting (Brampton)

Nina Roffey – Sculpture assemblages, collages and paintings (Beccles)

Peter Rodulfo – Magical Realism paintings (Great Yarmouth)

Easterly Artists

Run by its members, Easterly Artists is a group of visual artists based at the easternmost edge of the UK mainland. The group formed in 2018 as a mutually supportive collective to promote the practice of local artists, and encourage awareness and appreciation of their work. Members are all practising artists living and/or working within a 20-mile radius of Ness Point, the most easterly part of the UK.

Artist profiles

Angelique Fraser-Mackenzie – Abstract artist (Henham)

Angelique Fraser Mackenzie


Angelique Fraser Mackenzie
Cubitt, by Angelique Fraser-Mackenzie

Angelique Fraser-Mackenzie paints and prints mostly abstract images, in the hope of changing the viewer’s mood, ideally for the better.

The unfamiliar shapes and colours may at first seem alien, just as a foreign language or music might, but curiosity, imagination and a little patience bring the reward: a change of perspective, an insight or even bewilderment!

The images can be viewed in many ways, even as a puzzle: the harder to solve, the more rewarding the moment of recognition.

Darren Breeze – Artistic wood turner (Lowestoft)

Darren Breeze


Horns of Odin, by Darren Breeze

Darren Breeze lives in and works from his premises “Art & Craft in Wood” on the historic High Street in Lowestoft. He can usually be seen there through a glazed screen within the gallery, working on various lathes to create his pieces.

He works with local native timbers which, to most people, would only be suitable for firewood. He sees the untapped beauty in their cracks, holes and bark inclusions, which he exploits to his advantage.

Darren has pieces in private collections around the world. He has won several national competitions and features in the Register of Professional Turners which is supported by the Worshipful Company of Turners, one of the oldest livery companies in London.

Hilary Barry – Oil paintings: landscape and portraits (Kessingland)

Hilary Barry


A Short Stay, by Hilary Barry

Hilary Barry’s recent paintings are the result of observing the changes in the seasons, weather, light and erosion on the local beaches and landscape of the Suffolk shore.

Her aim is to share with the viewer these changes and experiences. Her paintings reflect a collection of times, multi-layered memories and experiences – rather than a literal reproduction of the scene in front of her.

She paints primarily with oil on canvas. Using a limited palette, she builds up areas of colour and tone in many layers. Each new layer develops texture and helps create the depth and intensity which the alchemy of painting can produce.

Nina Roffey – Sculpture assemblages, collages and paintings (Beccles)

Nina Roffey


St Brendan, the Navigator’s Boat, by Nina Roffey

Nina Roffey works with found, unwanted, broken or discarded items to bring them together and make something completely different. By recycling the material, she gives it a new life or purpose.

Her work is based on what the found wood conveys to her: sometimes, this is immediate; at other times it may be after an extended period. Driftwood has to rest outside in the weather to remove salt; it is then dried slowly and treated for woodworm and rot before being worked. It is then carved, painted or collaged to replicate what is in her mind.

Pieces can be based on history, myths, legend or buildings – and sometimes, tributes to artists or famous pieces of art. Larger pieces often have small hand-made books to accompany them.

More details at:
•    Web: www.easterly.org.uk
•    Facebook: @easterlyartists
•    Instagram: @easterlyartists

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