When we are redecorating or simply sprucing up our homes, one of the last things usually on the list is to add some artwork. However, choosing the perfect artwork for a specific room is easier said than done and this can actually be quite a stressful decision to make as there are so many pieces of art for you to choose from! Carry on reading for more information on how to choose the right artwork for each room. 


When it comes to adding artwork to your home, most people tend to forget about their kitchen. However, for many homes, the kitchen is the heart of it and where we spend most of our time with friends and family. It is usually by far the most used room in the house, so why not incorporate some art here? We would recommend for your kitchen space to choose smaller pieces of art that compliment the space rather than overwhelm it. Funny prints are great here as they can make you smile on those early working mornings! 


Your bedroom should be the place where you relax and any artwork has to reflect this space. If you are going to be placing art on your bedroom walls, this should ideally be above or directly opposite your bed and we would recommend going for large scale pieces at eye level. In terms of colours, soothing, pastel colours and tones are great here and abstract prints tend to work really well in this type of space. Keep your frames minimal to really focus on the art piece. You might also want to make your room as more reflecting the style as possible. You can easily do it by placing Cream bedroom furniture. 

Indian Wells Art Print by Erin Hanson fineartamerica.com

Living Room 

The room that you can definitely have the most fun with when choosing art pieces is the living room. Many people feel the pressure when choosing art for this room as it is a place where many of your guests will spend time in and so you want to provide artwork that provokes the right atmosphere and vibe. One place to look for artwork is Fine Art America who offer a range of cool prints that are perfect for your living room and you can easily find a piece that will best reflect you and your style. 


The bathroom is another room in the home that is often forgotten about when it comes to adding artwork and you should choose something that works with the vibe of your bathroom. With bathroom art, you might want to think about going for a pair of pictures as a set of two side by side normally looks great in this type of setting. These could be hung over your bath, over the toilet or over the towel hooks.


If you have an office in your home, a great way to keep the space feeling inspired is with artwork. The office is a great place to put up a long floating shelf where you can add an assortment of frames and artwork that will keep you motivated as you work.