As a local band or music group from the Suffolk or Norfolk region it is important that people get to know your group exists so they can invite you to play at their events or during local pub nights.

Also when you have a gig, you want people to know about it, so they can show up to hear your music. Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to design a complete marketing strategy for the promotion of your band, but by using some useful tools you can get your name out there without a big investment of both time and money.

When you start thinking about the promotion of your band, a very common mistake is to completely forget the offline tools and focus only on those that work online. Experts say that the way to achieve the best results is to combine online marketing actions with offline tools. So, don’t only create a Facebook page and promote your group and performances online, but also thing about offline print material, for example flyers. A printing company in the UK can help you with this and make it easy to design and print your own flyers.


Promoting both online and offline

So what tools have proven to work for the promotion of a band or group? Online you can promote your group using tools as a website and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. To complement this you can use offline tools. Flyers, for example, are a common way to promote when your band is preforming. When designing flyers think about being original. Creativity is essential to stand out and get people to notice your flyer. You can use an actual photo of your band or make a sketch of the photo to get a more abstract look. You can also choose to make a drawing that represents your group and use this. Have a look at the following examples of original flyers to get inspired for the design of the flyer for your band or group.



Rolling Stones


Source of flyers Pinterest