How Would Norfolk’s Push for Digital Connectivity Affect the Online Casino Industry?

digital connectivity
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Norfolk’s push for digital connectivity plans to do a lot for the region. Not only will internet be made more accessible for people through both 5G and broadband, but the Internet of Things will be established to help businesses boom. The commitment to become the best-connected rural county in the UK will affect many industries, both traditional ones and non-traditional ones. A merging of the two, how will Norfolk’s push for digital connectivity impact the online casino industry?

Recognizable Games for New Audiences

By implementing greater connectivity, more people will be able to engage with online casino than before. Instrumentally, this means that audiences who haven’t tried the industry before may be primed to become customers and fans. The industry should therefore ensure that there are games that would suit complete beginners, as well as those with more interest in the industry.

The Deal or No Deal Game merges the theme of the popular British TV show with the gameplay style of the online casino industry. Both elicit a certain tension, so when paired together provide players with an experience filled with atmosphere. The recognisable brand means that players know exactly what to expect. This benefits those new to the online casino industry who may discover other titles by first playing the game they might recognise more.

digital connectivity
Source: Pixabay

5G for Mobile Optimization

The online casino industry has spent several years optimizing its offering so that people are able to experience the same titles and gameplay on mobile devices as they are on desktop PCs. Greater digital connectivity in the county would increase the strength of Wi-Fi and may even promote 5G. This means that people aren’t subject to playing when they have their desktops with them and can take advantage of the breadth of mobile games on offer.

As more people – especially in more rural areas like Norfolk – are able to play on mobile devices, developers will continue to improve what mobile online casino looks like. Mobile gaming, on the whole, shows us that our smartphones are fully equipped to handle high-definition graphics and animation. They can also run games that require a lot of processing power, such as live casino games that allow players to see live dealers.

Many people may just begin playing when they realise that the smartphone versions of many games are just the same as the desktop ones. Being able to play with the ease of access presented by the smartphone that most people possess anyway means that the industry has fewer barriers to entry for new customers. The more new customers on mobile, the more competitive mobile online casino will become and the better experience the customers will eventually have.

Norfolk may be rural, but that doesn’t mean those who live there will be left out of the advancements that the internet can bring. The online casino industry represents just one industry that a push for better connectivity would benefit. By gaining new customers who are new to playing and by focusing more on mobile players, the industry can continue to flourish.