Easterly Artists

Local visual artists group Easterly Artists is taking over an empty retail unit on Lowestoft High Street in September to stage another exciting pop-up art exhibition, showcasing some of the most creative artistic talent in Lowestoft and the surrounding area.

Building on the popularity of their recent exhibition in the Britten Centre, 17 artists will be taking part in the new show, including a number of new members whose work has not previously been on display with the group.

Easterly Artists members are all practising artists living or working within a 20-mile radius of Ness Point. The new exhibition forms part of the Lowestoft Heritage Open Day celebrations, taking place in September and based on the theme “People Power”,

Miles Barry, Easterly Artists Coordinator, commented: “Feedback from the Britten Centre exhibition and the recent artists’ studio trail has been hugely encouraging, and it’s very moving to see so many positive comments from local residents, welcoming the group’s efforts. The membership has grown significantly in recent months, and this new space in North London Road gives us the perfect opportunity to show the new work in an ideal setting.”

The temporary gallery will take place in the old Poundstretcher building at 165 London Road North, NR32 1HG. Entry is free. Visitors will be able to see pieces covering a wide range of mediums, including painting, print-making, ceramics, screen-printing, collography, artistic wood-turning, magical realism and sculptural assemblages using found objects.

Easterly Artists are grateful for the support of Danny Steel, founder and managing director of property agents Steel & Co, in sourcing and making the premises available. Danny Steel commented: “We’re delighted to welcome this new venture by Easterly Artists. As more big names continue closing their operations in Lowestoft, it’s encouraging to see a local group reviving local buildings, breathing fresh life into the area and attracting new visitors and business into the town centre.”

The gallery is open 11am-4pm every day of the Heritage Open Day programme, Friday 13 – Sunday 22 September. For the following two weeks 26 September – 5 October, it is open 11am-4pm every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

17 Easterly Artists members are participating in the exhibition:

  1. Angelique Fraser-Mackenzie – Collographs and watercolour
  2. Bill Haward – Collage based on line drawing
  3. Claire-Louise Dowson – Abstract painting in acrylic and oils
  4. Darren Breeze – Artistic woodturner
  5. Fiona Shreeve – Sculptural ceramics
  6. Harvey Bradley – Porcelain pieces featuring expressive brushwork
  7. Hilary Barry – Figurative fine artist and painter
  8. Hugh Davies – Printmaker
  9. Joan Murray – Book works
  10. Lorry Cudmore – Sculptural and functional ceramics
  11. Malcolm Cudmore – Observational drawing and painting
  12. Marilyn Jackson – Mixed media and mono printing
  13. Mark Burrell – Fine art and magical realism
  14. Neil Whitehead – Acrylic painting and watercolour
  15. Ni Gooding – Fine art screenprinting
  16. Nina Roffey – Sculptural assemblages with found objects
  17. Patricia Davidson – Fine art painter and printmaker.

Visitors can download an exhibition guide from the Easterly Artists website at www.easterly.org.uk/hod, including a handy map showing nearby car parks and parking spaces. More information is available on the Easterly Artists website, Facebook page and Instagram account.


Easterly Artists

Easterly Artists

Run by its members, Easterly Artists is a group of visual artists based at the easternmost edge of the UK mainland. The group formed in 2018 as a mutually supportive collective to promote the practice of local artists, and encourage awareness and appreciation of their work. Members are all practising artists living and/or working within a 20-mile radius of Ness Point, the most easterly part of the UK.

Artist profiles

Lorry Cudmore – Sculptural and functional ceramics (Bungay)

Easterly Artists Lorry Cudmore
Large jewel bowl – Lorry Cudmore

Lorry’s work reflects her interest in the natural world. She is drawn to the textures, shapes and colours found in dry stone walls and natural rock formations, and is fascinated by the shapes and patterns formed by erosion in land and seascapes: “the wild, uncontrollable and chaotic – often resulting in a moment of meditation”.

Claire-Louise Dowson – Abstract painting in acrylic and oils (Lowestoft)

Claire-Louise Dowson
Number #5 – Claire-Louise Dowson

Claire looks for pattern, mainly in the natural world. Colour obsesses her and she senses a movement towards expressing herself in the abstract. She works in series, her most recent being smallish, semi-abstract pieces in gouache. She also enjoys working in watercolours and oils. She is currently tackling a large abstract painting in acrylic and oils.

Malcolm Cudmore – Observational drawing and painting (Bungay)

Easterly Artists Malcolm Cudmore
Lowestoft Lighthouse – Malcolm Cudmore

Malcolm is an observational artist and tutor, researching and working with traditional painting and drawing techniques. He specialises in drawing directly from life with pencils and other dry media, and paints in oils. Based at his studio on the outskirts of Bungay, Malcolm regularly travels across the UK providing demonstrations to and workshops for a wide variety of art groups. As an observer of life, he aims to capture something of the “spirit of place” wherever he sets up his easel in the unique and subtle East Anglian landscape.

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