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Make your MARK | Ferini Art Gallery Exhibition

MARK – Baker/Burrell/Churchman/Ward

We are all individual, we all make different decisions about how we go about things in our every day lives. Artists are the same in that they too are different from other painters in how they construct a painting.

Each one is drawn towards a certain type of medium, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, oil etc., and apply it in their own unique way. Density, area division, subject matter and then of course there is the ‘mark making’! How to lay down the image that first emerges from the brain via the hands on to the surface.? Making marks, is what it’s all about! There is no painting if there are no marks. Marks must be applied. The artist, may wait for a few moments or longer if they feel it appropriate before making any kind of mark. They might have considered what they are going to paint, but not yet have an idea of how to paint or create it. Or how much paint to put upon the brush, or indeed the pressure and form of movement that the brush or tool is to be used.

The four Marks’ that have been invited to showcase their work in this exhibition, aptly named ‘Make Your Mark’, have created works of art by ‘making marks’ into something that we can interpret as a painting and that we understand or feel a resonance with. Also that we may or may not wish to have hanging on our walls in our homes.

Mark Baker, new to exhibiting in galleries, is a professional painter and decorator, but previously painted backdrops for theatre and rides at theme parks locally and around the world. He specialises in paint effects such as marble and copper for interiors. More recently he has been concentrating on local scenes, in particular Lowestoft, his home town. Once a painting is complete, he then spends time making a frame to suit the finished piece.

Mark Burrell, born and brought up on Lowestoft’s beach village, has been an artist all his life, winning many accolades for his work. His work is often referred to as magical realism. Look closely at any piece of his artwork and you will see many minute details of life on the old beach village. Lampposts, dustbins, fireworks, a touring funfair, characters from past and present. Thoughts and places that no longer exist except in his memory, enhanced by the array of bright colours that make his work stand out in any exhibition.

Mark Churchman, an engineer by trade, but an artist by desire. His passion is partly wildlife and the love of water. Reflections intrigue and captivate him and can be seen in many of his watercolour paintings. More recently he has taken to using scraper board, an unusual medium, not used widely, however extremely stunning when applied with great style and expertise as can be observed in the works he has created especially for this exhibition.

Mark Ward, an accomplished artist. Previously a product designer and then later a teacher. Since early retirement, he has been paintings in his home studio. He creates small environments inhabited by birds using fimo clay, pipe cleaners and anything that can assist in the making of these imaginary worlds. Cardboard tubes, shredded newspaper, nails and even string. He then lights the scene with a desk lamp thus creating shadows and begins the process of painting that scene.

I think it could be said that each one of the Marks that make up this exhibition have well and truly made their mark, not only on the surface of choice, but on us, the art loving gallery goers!

Come and view this exhibition and see what you think. A warm welcome awaits you.

Coming soon an interview with all four Mark’s by creative art consultant Nicky Stainton (chair of Waveney & Blyth Arts)

Filmed and edited by Ferini Media in association with Ferini Art Gallery – Pakefield.

Exhibition dates: 14th June – 7th July 2019

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