Mopsie’s Knitterbees Baby Jumpers and Hats

Mopsie’s Knitterbees

“for little bumbles of joy”

Lovingly Hand Knitted Baby Jumpers and Hats
Now available from my online Shop

“In each item is love, stitched and sown,
just for your little one, until they’ve grown.
I was crafted with care, by Mopsie’s bees,
and she hopes that you, treasure me please.”

“Wash me with love at 30 degrees
If you have dark and light colours, please separate these
Mopsie’s Knitterbees wish for your little one
Lots of soft cuddles and bumbles of fun.”

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Pixie Magic, Strawberry Cream, Mopsie’s Pride Rainbow,
Willow Whispers, Dormouse Cuddles, Meadow Mischief,
Thistledown Seeds, Cosy Cuddles,Woodland Spells,
Fairy Cuddles, Soft Candy, Raindrops on Moss,
Twinkle Spells, Snuggly Spice …

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Coming soon!

Brimblewood story characters available on Baby T-shirts:


Brimble bee and friends:
Sniffle-Snuffle hedgehog, Nibble-Twitch bunny,
Scatter-Tail mouse, Snuffle-Shovel mole,
Robin Redfeather …

all with wonderful stories to be told!

Brimblewood illustrations © Bridie Coombes 2021