Chances Taken

Chances Taken

by Sudbury Author Margaret Moore

Published by Olympia Publishers

25/04/2019 – £8.99 – Paperback < Chances Taken Amazon link

ISBN: 978-1-78830-384-2
Category: Fiction

‘She trusted Ann to keep all her secrets, no matter what they were. That, she was to discover, would nearly cost her, her life.’ In Francis Road, in the East End of London, the amalgamation of inhabitants creates a colourful backdrop to the life and times of the early 1950s; a time when life wasn’t easy, food was still rationed, front doors weren’t locked and Nosey Nel was witness to everything that went on. Beryl, young and beautiful, is seduced by the lure of being a starlet in the world of modelling. However, she soon learns a very hard lesson that may come back to haunt her, and has to escape her suffocating life. But for what? Annie and Fred are devastated to learn that their eldest and most troublesome son has got a young girl pregnant. A wedding needs to be arranged quickly but is everyone telling the truth? With larger than life characters like One-leg Len and Shifty Sam, the stories of Francis Road unfold with suspense and humour.

Margaret Moore was born in the East End of London during the war years. Leaving school at the age of fifteen with no qualifications, she took further education to achieve the skills of a secretary. During this career, spanning thirty-seven years, she worked as a legal secretary in London, Essex and Suffolk, retiring in 2007. She began her writing career with a children’s book. She lives in Suffolk with husband, Norman. They have two sons, two grandsons and a great granddaughter.