The 4th annual Magdalen Street festival this year is crammed with every possible activity to entice every taste in music, history, food, and art – and it’s all free!

This year, the wildly popular yet elusive historian Brian Ayers will be personally conducting a tour of the hidden gems of Magdalen Street in the morning, starting at ‘The King of Hearts’ at 11am.

There will be 7 music venues to accommodate all tastes, with a special venue this year at ‘The Blueberry’ where world music fans can see Senegalese and Cuban performers, and Andy Kirkham’s eclectic and exciting renditions of music and song from all over the globe as part of Norfolk Black History month.

The other music venues include:
St. Clement’s church (ecclectic music and heritage venue), The King of Hearts (unplugged in the Courtyard ), St.Saviour’s Fusion stage, the Flyover ( World dance and music), Anglia Square ( Americana Future Radio Stage), St. Augustine’s church ( Classical).

Matt Watson, organiser of this year’s music selection said: “ the range and talent on show at this year’s festival really make this event unique in Norwich. Bringing this all together in one day really represents what is so diverse and unique about this area of the city”.

Extending the international theme into the food arena, this year’s festival sees guided tours of the international food shops. Get introduced to new world food products from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe – you are invited to meet inside Loose’s at 2.00 p.m. to experience the tour, and sample some flavours!

At the Octagon Chapel’s Martineau Hall, Colegate, come and record your memories of the neighbourhood at the Pop-up museum from 2.30-5. Or listen to a UNESCO City podcast of Ali Smith’s outstanding Harriet Martineau lecture next to the chapel Harriet herself frequented as a girl from 1.00-2.15 p.m.

Since the first celebration of the Magdalen Street area, more independent businesses have opened, especially of the Vintage variety. Why not come and join a guided tour of Vintage Magdalen – best vintage shopping in the city! Meet the people who source top class top value goods for us, and bring it to our street corner.

Roxanne Matthews, who specialises in the heritage areas of the festival, said: “ It is so fitting that we now have such a variety of independent vintage shops and businesses in an area of the city which was once an exciting and important trading hub”.

And if your thing is more spontaneity and participatory, there is always the Big Doodle happening under the flyover, as well as a graffiti wall set up for the day.

Kayla St.Claire, local choreographer, will be presenting ‘memories of a lost swimming pool’ – follow the swimmers as they swim down memory lane – a site responsive dance performance of memories, sounds and movement. Starts 12.30 under the flyover, and 1.30 in Anglia Square.

There will be 25 charity and local organisation stalls along the streets on the day.

Whether you are a regular visitor or haven’t ventured this way for some time, the Magdalen Augustine Celebration invites you to discover and rediscover this fascinating part of Norwich full of creativity, diversity and sustainability with a rich history and an even brighter future.