Oddly at Whissonsett

Whissonsett greets some endearingly ‘odd’ characters this half term

Norwich Puppet Theatre brings Joyce Dunbar’s enchanting children’s book ‘Oddly’ to life at Whissonsett Village Hall on Saturday 24th October, with support from the arts and community development charity Creative Arts East.

‘Oddly’ introduces three unusual little creatures, each with its own special treasure, and its own quest! The Lostlet twirls a golden leaf and asks what do I hope for? The Strangelet holds a pebble and wonders what do I dream of? and The Oddlet listens to a seashell and thinks what do I wish for?

When a little boy who seems even more lost than they are appears, the four new friends join together to find surprising ways of making their hopes, dreams and wishes come true. The show is ideal for children aged 3-8 years and families.

You can see ‘Oddly’ at Whissonsett on Saturday 24th October at 2.30pm.

This event is organised in partnership with Creative Arts East with funding by Arts Council England, Norfolk County Council and Breckland Council.

For further information on this and other Creative Arts East events please go to:

www.creativeartseast.co.uk/live/whatson.asp or contact Karen Kidman on 01953 713390 or [email protected]


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