One Last Job

One Last Job

 Written by Daniel James

Published by Olympia Publishers

27/09/2018 – £9.99 -Paperback 

ISBN: 978-1-78830-243-2

Category: Crime / Mystery

“Nothing to lose now by doing another job and this one will be my last.” Dan is a bank robber. An unsuccessful one, living as a hermit in a battered caravan, but despite Berenice’s warning that she’d leave him if he did another job, he has nevertheless embarked on just one more; an ambitious job that should solve all of his problems and enable him and Berenice to resume their wonderful life in Egypt. Dan’s team is the best in the business. His planning is flawless, his work impeccable. The job is organised like a military assault. Nothing could possibly go wrong and yet, it does. Somehow Dan’s money has vanished and Dan himself is – dead? One of his gang has deceived and betrayed him. It doesn’t take much working out, but will his well-planned revenge be worth it? Or must Dan and his anonymous ally dig the two proverbial graves?

Daniel James hails originally from East London. An avid diver, he qualified as a Scuba Dive Master in 2009 and has travelled to, and lived in, various countries around the world. He has now settled in Norfolk where he continues to write short stories and his next novel.