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Get ready to Revel Update!

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A lot of people are getting ready to
Revel in Waveney!

A new idea for an annual Waveney-wide arts and heritage celebration has fired enthusiasm and enterprise across the district – with many local organisations and groups still clamouring to take part.

First announced in the early summer, the Waveney Revels – planned for spring 2008 – already comprises an impressive array of projects, productions and planned events – large and small, new and traditional – ranging from celebrity comedians to community creations, fabulous music to heritage crafts. But there is now increased opportunity to get involved.

And the Waveney Revels is growing in time scale as well as in content variety. Originally planned to run across the 30 April days in 2008, extra days have now been added – on demand – to create a grand finale over the May Bank Holiday. The Revels – coordinated by Waveney District Council’s newly created Arts and Heritage Service – will now run for an amazing 35 days from April 1– May 5.

Such is the interest and enthusiasm now being generated to create special events, that the initial date for ideas to be submitted – now past – was been happily abandoned.

“I am delighted to report that so many groups and people are keen to be involved that an entry deadline proved pointless” said Andrew Kitchen, WDC’s Arts and Heritage Service Manager who invented the Revels. “Many ideas and projects will obviously take ages to coordinate, raise funds and involve people – creative projects often evolve through circumstances rather than to a timetable – so we are still wide-open to more ideas and ventures. The list cannot get too long – keep organising events!”

In Bungay, an ambitious visual arts project is being planned by the newly formed Black Dog Arts group – creating numerous portraits of Bungay people in varying formats, involving many local artists plus community groups and schoolchildren. In Halesworth plans are afoot at the Cut Arts centre to create a community street theatre project. Southwold will be celebrating the re-opening of its museum and Beccles will be alive to varied sounds of music ranging from a visiting Russian choir, a big bold musical and for one day only – “SingalongaJoseph”!

Lowestoft’s Marina Theatre has programmed a deliberately diverse month of activities – including ballet, Shakespeare, drama and great music – headlined with both heritage and state of the art cutting comedy with national treasure Ken Dodd and Jimmy Carr.

“So many ideas have been submitted I have not been able to acknowledge all of them yet” explained Andrew Kitchen. “ But really we’re keeping the ever-growing list of events tightly under wraps for the moment – as we don’t want to deter anyone else’s ideas or input.”

So the chance still exists for all organisations, individuals and businesses – of all ages, types and sizes, including those beyond arts and heritage interest – to get creative and invent a project.

“We’re keen to include everyone” added Andrew Kitchen “ from WI’s to scouts, professional artists to quality museums, restaurateurs, hoteliers, pub owners, tourist attractions, church groups, social clubs – all creating or hosting new ventures or old favourites. Individuals’ ideas are obviously welcomed and visiting projects will be involved too.”

“It’s time to celebrate what’s good about living here and realise what an amazingly creative community we live in, rich in history and heritage. We need to turn the spotlight on it all, reveal it and yes – revel in it!”

Events need not be huge nor spectacular and might already be scheduled or regularly programmed within the Revels dates. Open days, open rehearsals, behind the scenes visits, debates, classes and gatherings can all be included.

And “arts” range from the art of conversation to grand opera via culinary arts, book clubs, new media, celebrations, folk arts and arts in surprising places – plus of course all the traditional art forms! “Heritage” obviously includes admiring old buildings but so much more – including revealing changing environments, old trades and customs, Suffolk accents, local food, heritage sports and family history and house projects.

The Waveney Revels is billed as “ a new tradition” in the hope of it becoming an annual occasion – making a start in 2008- and hopefully being run as a community venture longer-term.

The menu for Revels 08 is already impressive and will undoubtedly grow – so get ready to Revel.

Further information and submissions to:

Andrew Kitchen
Arts & Heritage Service
Waveney District Council Town Hall,
High Street,
Lowestoft NR32 1HS


Full and final confirmation details will be needed later. There are no Revels joining or participation charges. Revels programme co-ordinator decisions are final.

Please contact with any questions and queries:
Arts & Heritage Service on 01502 523397