The word progress is defined in the dictionary as a forward movement, an advance to something better or higher in development.

All through the ages since the world began Evolution has gradually changed it to create different environments right up to the present one which accommodated all kinds of life including Homo sapiens. During the process living matter sometimes became dormant but it never stood still. Just as time passes everything has to continue to advance until it dies.

Did You Know?

Over recent Centuries, while nature proceeded to change at it’s own regular pace, some factions of the Human race considered it too slow and increased their own rate of progress. Others, seeing the short term benefits realised how much better off they could be and quickly followed suit.

Leaders of the more Civilised Countries soon found themselves in a race to gain more and more for themselves and their people. It wasn’t long before those who were most advanced had to start looking beyond their own resources to maintain their position. This situation made it easy for tyrants to take charge and many were prepared to go to war to get what they wanted.

For thousands of years bloody battles resulted in the population of whole areas being enslaved with the men women and children forced to work for their callous and brutal captors. Very often large numbers were transported miles away from their homeland to serve their captors.

The rate of progress made by man in the production of destructive weapons was clearly visible to everyone involved in the two World Wars during the last Century. It demonstrated how the lust for power still persisted throughout the Civilised World.

Fortunately, there are now more people who have a bigger say in what their Governments do and for many of them conflict is not an option. Instead, we choose to battle for Economic and Social superiority over other Nations.

This has to be a better option but even though slavery is no longer tolerated everybody readily accepts very cheap products from poorer backward countries to contribute to their own affluence. As we become wealthier our demand for more and better things increases.

We want modern homes with all mod cons: At least two cars per family: Ready made meals: Fresh fruit and vegetables all the year round: The very latest technical equipment and fashionable clothes for all the family:- Not forgetting our need for at least one holiday abroad every year.

Attention has now been urgently drawn to the damage we have done and are still doing to our planet, mainly as a result of man’s determination for a more fulfilled existence.

No other living creature or life form has contributed to this destruction and some have had to fight against the invasion of their territory and move elsewhere to survive.

Originally all Primates, together with every kind of plant and creature on earth, were balanced in Natures progressive chain and survival was dependant on it remaining intact. As the years passed man’s superiority rapidly increased but unfortunately during that time he showed little regard for the environment that is so essential to his own well-being.

Now we have reached a point where Nature appears to be showing us the error of our ways. The big question is, have we already gone too far to be able to make the sweeping changes to our lifestyle that are necessary if we are to restore the Natural World, and give it back to the life it was meant to support.

Over millions of years there has been many dramatic changes to our planet and there is no doubt there will be many more, but will it ever be so inviting and beautifully balanced as it was a few Centuries ago?

Even if it was possible to restore the damage already done it would take Ages. Nevertheless, urgent action is necessary if we are to prevent things getting worse. The co-operation of every Country in the world is essential to halt all the processes that are responsible for contributing to and creating this situation.

Perhaps we should all take time to ponder on the fact that over the years Nature has repeatedly shown it has its own ways of dealing with things to ensure it’s progress remains uninterrupted and steadily on course!

valley lad – [TWENTY]