The gallery is open Friday – Sunday 11am – 4pm.

Exhibition dates: Friday 31st July – Sun 30th August

The new guest exhibition at Beyond the Image is a series of black and white portraits by Alex Kilbee who recently returned from South Africa. He was featured a few weeks ago in the Diss Express.

Alex writes:

In these uncertain times we are left feeling that we have been worshipping style over substance.

So long as it looked shiny and new, we didn’t care how well it was crafted – after all there would be something else new and shiny along in a minute wouldn’t there?

Photography has not been immune to this.

Traditional portrait photography ideas have been discarded in favour of creating a ‘Photoshop work of art’ – something that is style over substance.

In this exhibition I hope to display images which capture not only my subjects’ unique characters, but also strip my work back to the basics of portraiture and focus purely on the interaction between my subjects and I. Taking my work right back to it’s beginnings and rediscovering the joys of simple, strong portraits.

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