The Uncanny Valley

Artist Will Teather unveils huge painting created in lockdown at the Royal Arcade

Will Teather has unveiled his lockdown epic, The Uncanny Valley. The painting has taken the artist the majority of lockdown to complete and is over 2 meters wide. It is currently on display in what used to be Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Norwich City Centre at The Back of the Inns, with further work displayed along the Royal Arcade.

The artist explains:

“The ongoing closure of much of the artworld has presented many challenges for every one involved, but also an opportunity to focus without many of the usual distractions. I have used this time to create my most ambitious work to date, which merged many of my previous interests. The painting describes a sense of childhood wonderment and imagination, featuring my daughter in a surrealist scene. There are lots of tricks within the image used to uncanny effect such as the subtle distortion of perspective and repetition of certain forms.”

I wanted to give the public some thing a bit special to enjoy during these tricky times which is why it has gone on display in the city centre.”

The Uncanny Valley

Norfolk County Council Arts Service supported the artist in moving the artwork for display purposes to the current location.

You can see more of the artists work at