Humans Strength and Frailty

The Yare Gallery – art exhibition: Humans – Strength and Frailty

Humans – Strength and Frailty: After the last two years during the pandemic we have all coped in different ways.  Some of us have grown, others have struggled, and the exhibition reflects the broad range of physical and emotional states we experience, through portraiture and sculptural pieces, created by over sixty artists from across the UK.  Our gallery’s three storeys are bursting with stories to tell.

The walls are hung with portraits and other pictures, created in paint, photography and drawings.  Many of these are very personal to the sitter and artists, showing strength and frailty, and some exhibiting grief and loss.  All the artworks are thought provoking, and some may be challenging.  You will find sculptures throughout our galleries from abstract to anatomically correct figures in metal, stone, plaster and mixed media.

In our projection room, we have a film created by students from East Norfolk College, using stills of paintings of East Anglian NHS workers, created by local artists for this project.  We also have a small number of works depicting local NHS staff kindly loaned back for this exhibition. The NHS Heroes project is an initiative started by Devon artist Tom Croft, as a way for artists to give back to the NHS during the pandemic. Two of the artists taking part are NHS staff themselves.

Our sculpture garden reopens for the year with spring bulbs and sculptures of the human form to view. So do take a moment to take a seat and pause there.



We do hope you will visit and let these artworks share their story with you – its free to enter, we have parking beside the building, or the bus/train stations are just a stroll away.  We look forward to seeing you.


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