Under cover of day – new work from Norwich poet Tim Lenton

Under cover of day – new work from Norwich poet Tim Lenton

Award-winning Norwich poet Tim Lenton presents a new collection of his work, Under cover of day. Written between 2010 and 2020, Tim’s poems have been inspired by a wide variety of subjects, notably the Norfolk landscape, UK and overseas travel, Norwich Cathedral, The Rosary Cemetery in Norwich and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Under cover of day, price £6, is published by Paul Dickson Books www.pauldicksonbooks.co.uk .

Tim Lenton explains the background to his work: “These poems were written largely between 2010 and 2020. They reflect various places and styles. Although I enjoy writing to a strict structure, as in haiku and tanka, most of my poems are based mainly on rhythm and aim to be accessible and a bit mysterious at the same time.

“Life is in many ways a mystery, and to ignore this will make writing in verse forms too facile and unrewarding. But the poet must have a philosophy of life – a belief, if you like – that attempts to make some sense of the mystery.

“Poems must have a certain depth to make them worthwhile. But of course different readers will enjoy swimming at different depths. My aim as a poet is to make my words deep enough, but not too deep – rather as Einstein urged us to make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Under cover of day

Tim Lenton is a prize-winning poet who has been writing and performing poetry for many years. He is a winner of the Fish International Poetry Prize and the Norwich Writers’ Circle Open Competition.

Tim’s work has appeared in a number of anthologies and he has published several books, sometimes with photographs and sometimes in conjunction with Joy McCall, an internationally recognised tanka and ryuka poet. These books include:

Mist and Fire, Jokerman House, 2003

Off the Map, Jokerman House, 2007

The Road Ends, Pictures and poetry from Iona, Cockleshell Press, 2014

Stillness Lies Deep, with Joy McCall, tanka poems and pictures from Norfolk, Mousehold Press, 2014

Waving from a Distance, Skylark Publishing, 2016

Norfolk Ways, with Joy McCall, tanka poetry and pictures, Mousehold Press, 2017

He has also edited books and written poetry on behalf of the Paston Heritage Society. Published by Cockleshell Press, these include Another Country (2011), Oxnead: A Paston Treasure (2013) and In the Footprints of the Pastons, which includes a guided walk round medieval Norwich (2017).

Under cover of day is on sale at Allthingsnorfolk.com, Amazon, City Bookshop Norwich and Revelation Bookshop Norwich.