Hear for Norfolk
Launch of Hear for Norfolk mobile ear wax removal clinic

Hear for Norfolk: Norfolk Deaf Association Launches New Mobile Aural Care Clinic

Norfolk Deaf Association (NDA), which since July 2020, and following the approval from the Charity Commission, has operated as Hear for Norfolk, has launched a new Mobile Aural Care Clinic. The mobile clinic will take the charity’s successful microsuction ear wax removal service on the road.

The mobile clinic will reach out to vulnerable people in local communities, who are unable to access the clinic based at the charity’s premises in Meridian Way, Norwich, which has been running since November 2018.

Patients who are registered with a GP Practice in the Central Norfolk Locality of the Norfolk & Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) – formerly North Norfolk, Norwich and South Norfolk CCGs – should ask their GP for a referral to Hear for Norfolk (Norfolk Deaf Association). On receipt of the electronic referral the staff will contact the patient and make an appointment at the closest or most convenient clinic.

Patients who live outside the Central Norfolk Locality of Norfolk & Waveney CCG can self-refer and contact Hear for Norfolk direct for an appointment but will have to pay a £40 fee for the procedure. Patients registered with medical practices in the Central Norfolk Locality can also self-refer if they do not want to seek a GP referral.

Hear for Norfolk
Sir Richard Jewson launches Hear for Norfolk mobile ear wax -clinic

The mobile clinic is scheduled to visit Holt, Long Stratton, Fakenham, Swaffham, Wells-next-the-Sea, King’s Lynn, Great Yarmouth, Thetford and Beccles before the end of the year. For more information contact Hear for Norfolk, t. 01603 404440 or email [email protected]. See the full Mobile Aural Care Clinic schedule at www.hearfornorfolk.org.uk.

Hear for Norfolk’s Mobile Aural Care Clinic cost £70,000 to develop, including the purchase and conversion of a vehicle and the acquisition of medical equipment, such as the microscope, the microsuction machine, couch and medical trolleys. The project has been supported by the Paul Bassham Trust, the Goodman Trust, Norwich Consolidated Charities and the Clothworkers’ Foundation.

Aliona Derrett, the charity’s Chief Executive said: “We have operated a Mobile Hearing Support Clinic for the last 15 years. This clinic helps patients with their NHS issued hearing aids and its success encouraged us to develop the Mobile Aural Care Clinic.”

“Running a high quality, safe and accessible service is a key priority and we have recruited a small team of highly experienced nurse practitioners, who operate the microsuction equipment. They will also be able to identify ear problems and refer them to primary care for treatment. We also have recruited a Mobile Clinic Assistant who will drive the vehicle and carry out the on-site administration, including all Covid-19 safety measures.”

“I would particularly like to thank our funders the Paul Bassham Trust, the Goodman Trust, Norwich Consolidated Charities and the Clothworkers’ Foundation for their support, along with Holden Renault who supplied the vehicle and RS Vans Interiors who converted it. We are looking forward to getting on the road and providing a top-quality ear wax removal service for our patients.”

Sir Richard Jewson, Patron of Hear for Norfolk, who officially ‘launched’ the mobile clinic said: “Hear for Norfolk is a fine charity. It is wonderful how a small charity can show the way. The mobile microsuction ear wax removal service is much needed.”

Peter Prinsley, Chairman of Hear for Norfolk and consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital said: “Many hearing aid users have problems with their ears clogging up with wax. The hearing aid forces the wax deeper into the ear. As a result, they stop using their hearing aids. Our new mobile clinic will reach out to vulnerable patients across the county, removing this wax and improving their hearing.”

Darren Murphy from the CCG said: “Hear for Norfolk has been providing its mircrosuction service in Norwich throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. But there are people in the county who cannot travel to Norwich and need ear wax removal every two to three months. Hear for Norfolk’s mobile clinic will help remove the feeling of isolation as it takes the service to the patient.”

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction involves using a small tube attached to a suction machine. The machine sucks the wax out of the ear and is a safe method for wax removal. A microscope is used during the procedure to ensure the nurse practitioner can view the ear closely. This removes the risk of any damage to the ear. Ear wax keeps our ear clean and healthy, but a build-up of wax can cause hearing loss, pain and general discomfort.

For more information contact Aliona Derrett, Chief Executive, Hear for Norfolk t. 01603 404440, email [email protected]