Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health Partnership
is planning to become a NHS Foundation Trust and needs to recruit many more members.

Did You Know?

It costs you nothing to join and puts you under no obligation.

You can get as involved as you wish.

If you just want to be sent information and have a vote in the election for the Board of Governors that’s fine.

All that’s asked of you is that you support and promote the Trust among your friends and associates.

The more it is talked about the sooner we will be able to say goodbye to the lack of understanding about mental health issues and stigma that still persists. About thirty years ago people were reluctant to talk about cancer. Now they discuss it freely. We don’t want to have to wait that long to dispel the antiquated ideas that many still have about the causes and treatment of Mental Illness.

At some time during their life, as many as one in four people are likely to have mental health problems. Who or what you are makes no difference it does not discriminate. It strikes in lots of different ways and it is not only the old folk with some kind of Dementia or Alzheimers who are victims, teenagers and children can be affected too.

Anyone over the age of eleven is eligible to join. If you do, you will be kept informed about the Trust and receive Newsletters and the Annual Report. You might want to attend meetings and Seminars to learn more about the Trust and then go on to stand for election to the Board of Governors.

Your degree of involvement is entirely in your own hands. Should you so wish, you can help by expressing your ideas about how things can be made better for you, your family and the Community.

You will be able to vote in the election of Governors and tell them the needs of your Community, then help them to plan, develop and monitor the services. That’s how you can have your say in the way things are done.

The Trust is accountable to local people and staff through their members and elected Board of Governors.

Its aim is to be recognised as a centre of excellence in mental health care that enhances the well-being of the Communities of which it is a part. To do this by providing services that help people to stay well and that treat, support and care for others when they are ill to enable them to get on with living their lives.

NHS Foundation Trusts are a key part of the modernisation of the NHS.

They are free from Central Government control and can decide how best to develop services to meet the needs and priorities of the local Communities they serve.

They are still part of the NHS, providing healthcare according to need and subject to NHS quality standards, performance ratings and inspection.

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If you would like more information, for an Application for Membership form phone the Trust Office on
01603 421434

Or you can Email

or visit the website:

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