Staff from Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust will be embarking on a three-phase challenge inspired by The Lord of The Rings, tomorrow (October 13 2012) to raise funds for El Shaddai Street Charitable Trust and Just Children Foundation (JCF).

For this fourth annual Norvic ‘Ring Route’ Challenge, teams of three set off to a fanfare of epic music from the Norvic Clinic, St Andrew’s Business Park, Norwich, at 1.30pm on a journey that will see them use bikes and canoes to reach Salhouse Broad.

En route, the teams will cycle 7.5 miles to the Fur and Feathers pub in Woodbastwick, where they will canoe around the island before handing their ‘ring’ to signal they have successfully completed the challenge. When the final team has moored its boat, spectators and participants will return to the Fur and Feathers for celebrations that will include a trophy ceremony for the challenge winners.

Ged Bailes, one of the organisers of the Norvic Challenge, explained why it supports the El Shaddai charitable Trust: “The first time we went to Goa we were met by a small boy who asked if we had a pen, I only has an old biro but the look and smile on his face was amazing. Later, we went to Panjim and bought hundreds of books, pens, pencils etc and took them to local schools, we stood outside and gave them to the children as they left. We did this on a few occasions and had a great time seeing all of them so happy.

“While visiting a local market we come across a stall that was all about El Shaddai, the people on the stall gave us information and invited us to visit the children at the homes. Since then we have helped support these homes and have sponsored a play park at Shekinah House and many other projects.

“Each year we spend two months in Goa, visiting and interacting with the children, eating with them, having parties with them and spending the much appreciated monies raised by the Norvic Challenge on their ‘needs’ lists.”

People can sponsor the Norvic Challenge 2012 teams by visiting

For more information please contact Fraser McKay on 01603 421484 or email [email protected]

El Shaddai Street Charitable Trust ( and Just Children Foundation ( rescue and care for street children in India and Zimbabwe