Taekwondo Demonstration

Beccles Taekwondo Demonstration & Open Evening

Thursday 14th November

6.30pm to 8.30pm (2 hours)

in the Activity Hall at The Venue, Ringsfield Road, Beccles.

We are running a Special 2 hour session where students will be demonstrating
all aspects of our powerful Martial Art to the public:

Techniques, Patterns, Sparring, Self-defence and Destruction.

With an open invitation for people to Come and Try, from ages 5 and up. Parents and Veterans included!

Old Tigers Veteran Taekwondo

Instructors Mr & Mrs Bedingfield are encouraging more adults and veterans
to come and learn Taekwon-do, making them fitter, stronger and more confident. 

Taekwon-do self-defence develops the power to protect!

New members are always welcome to Come and Try for FREE at any normal evening session, Mon & Thurs 7-8.30pm

Free T-shirts still on offer for those that do!


Taekwondo Demonstration