“The Budica Within”
(ISBN 978-1-852-97-097-0)

This book was written by Elaine Sassoon and produced by Andrea O’Hare.

We are selling this book for the charity. Alongside this Michelle Payne who has done life casts in connection with the book has kindly lent three unique breast casts that will also be displayed along with lots more information about the breast cancer and reconstruction.

The display will be at SCOTTS Gallery Café, Lowestoft, until the end of February 2008.

We would like as many people as possible to pop along and show their support by buying a copy of the book. All proceeds from the book sale go to the charity.

Elaine Sasson is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon in Norwich who specialises in reconstructive surgery.

Please show your support by popping along and buying a copy!

For further information please contact James Scott on 01502 576 000 or visit www.scottsgallerycafe.co.uk where you will find our other contact information.